As Black Trans folks, our history and existence go unnoticed in times of present movements and we deserve a seat at the table. We service Black Trans folks from the US, Canada, and the UK. We give resources, sending goodies out to sibs, and donate our redistribution funds directly to our sibs. 

  "At the beginning of June, I had the courage and vulnerability to share my financial insecurity on my social media. I was overjoyed with the number of donations and support I was receiving. So I began redistributing a good portion of my donations received. My partner Cie (a.k.a @thecolorcienna) and I collaborated to create a Black Trans/NB/GNC list. During this time of uprising with the BLM movement and a global pandemic, we as Black Trans folks go unnoticed and uncared for in the media and cis-communities. We did not expect our list to grow within just a few days. It allowed us to realize how much community we have across the globe! Cie and I have gotten the honor to get to know our sibs on the list which has made us realize that we more than just individuals. WE ARE SIBS!"


-Maliyah Worthy, Founder

We use sibs in relation to our Black Trans community because we are more than just individuals we are fam!

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