Here at FOR OUR SIBS, our greatest and most important aspects of keeping honest relationships with our donors, comrades, and SiBs is all based on accountability and transparency. Transparency and accountability improve the quality of healing and care among community. 


For the public/social media followers:

To facilitate transparency, through our redistribution donations and fundraising events, FOR OUR SIBS collective, comes together at each month of redistribution and compiles copies of receipts and total of donations made each month. 


To facilitate transparency, FOR OUR SIBS will:


1.Share on a timely basis with SiBs ship and appropriate persons:

  • Decisions made in board meetings that are not executive sessions, as recorded in meeting minutes.

  • Records of transparency rounds of receipts will be displayed on FOR OUR SIBS website and socials (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook).

  • The financial position of the organization as reported and/or certified by an independent auditor. (DIFFERENT WORDS FOR AUDITOR)

  • Board-approved policies and positions, when appropriate.

  • Information on organizational structure.

  • Other information as may be determined by the board to be of importance to members and stakeholders.

​2.Open space for SiBs to solicit their input to benefit decision-making processes.


​3. Balance the intent for openness with sensitivity to privacy, confidentiality, and the need for honest discussion at discussion boards.


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